About Us

About the union club

The Union Club is a coworking space contributing to Tacoma’s growing artistic and entrepreneurial communities. It combines a maker studio, event hall, and office coworking space, in a 15,000 square foot historic building in downtown Tacoma.

Our mission is to support and promote local art and technology, creating a gathering place for creatives and ‚Äčentrepreneurs. By providing a supportive community, the Union Club is a place where members can do what they love and love where they work. We offer a variety of memberships that range in price and vary in privacy. Whether you thrive working in a communal space or favor closing the door behind you the Union Club fits the bill.

Photo of the velvet Room Dedicated Desk area at Union Club Tacoma
Photo of Sun Room dedicated desk area at Union Club Tacoma

Union Club History

Founded in 1888, the Union Club served as a social and business club for the most influential men of the time. In 1906, a three-story addition was designed to give women access to the Union Club. In 1936, the University Union Club was founded and remained in the building until 1985.

Designated guests of the Union Club include President William Taft, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and college football coach Knute Rockne.

In 2016, the Union Club was in a state of disrepair and was purchased by Amber and Eli Moreno. With a passion for historical preservation they have restored the building back to its original grandeur and have created a new, modern take on the Union Club.

meet our team

Stasha Moreno

Chief Operations Officer

Darryn Demarce

Community & Events Manager