Community Standards

This is a community space, so let’s talk community. Here are some guidelines to keep our space running smoothly.

Door Codes / Key Cards

It is prohibited to give out your door code without prior permission from Union Club staff. We background check all of our members for security purposes, to give out your door code inhibits our ability to secure our building properly.

Answering Door

When you are expecting a client or guest at the Union Club please plan on meeting them at the door. The Union Club staff cannot guarantee that the front desk will be occupied at all times.

Conference Rooms

If you would like to book conference rooms. Please do so in the Member Portal. To learn more about using the Member Portal click here.

Common Areas

All members are welcome to use the club room, sky room, makers studio, kitchens, and decks for coworking proposes.

Private Areas

Private offices, dedicated desks, and conference rooms are reserved as private work zones.


The Union Club is a communal space. When using the kitchen, please put your dishes in the dishwasher or hand wash them. The Union Club staff will run and unload the dishwasher at the beginning and end of each day. Please, do not leave food out in the Union Club. The Union Club fridges will be cleaned each week. Please remove your old items from the fridge or they will be thrown away.

Garbage and Recycle

If a member’s waste does not fit in a communal waste bin, they must remove the trash to the outside cans themselves. Staff is not responsible for tasks like breaking down boxes.

Moving Furniture

Please do not move furniture in the Club Room or Maker Studio without Union Club staff permission. Our space is set up in the club room to encourage coworking. If you would like any furniture moved from your office please tell Union Club Staff and we will arrange it, do not move the furniture yourself and leave it in hallways.

Coffee Shop Rule

We like to tell new members of our space, “Don’t do anything in our space that you wouldn’t do in a coffee shop.” Meaning, when you are in Union Club common space, you are welcome to talk on the phone, eat lunch, use the tables, and invite guests. But refrain from talking at an excessive volume, spreading out too far, playing music loudly, and disturbing your neighbor who is hard at work.

Guest Policy

All members are welcomed to and encouraged to bring guests into the community. If the amount of your guests is greater than 4 people, you will be required to book a conference room for your meeting or check with Union Club staff. If your meeting is greater than the 8 person capacity of the large conference room, you will be required to speak with staff about hosting an event. Whether the event will require payment will be determined by the number of guests, day, time and type of event. Please speak with the events manager to discuss details.

Emergency Phone Number

If you are in the building after hours and have an emergency call our emergency number 208-590-7982. An emergency is an event like a fire, water leaking, electricity outages, internet outage, and building damage. An emergency is NOT that you forgot your door code, lost your key card, the printer is malfunctioning, and/or similar problems.


We recommend that all our members buy general liability insurance for their dedicated desks and private offices. The Union Club is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged items on Union Club property.


We allow dogs in our private offices if you fill out the appropriate paperwork. Rules for pets at the Union Club are outlined in the Pet Addendum. To learn more about bringing your pet to Union Club click here.


If you would like to report an issue with our space. Please utilize the “Help Desk” in the member portal.

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